The Dr. Jane Foundation

Life's Abundance is not just an industry leader in premium pet products.They are a company with a social cause! Product formulator Dr. Jane Bicks has dedicated her life to improving the lives of companion animals. Through her decorated career as a Holistic Veterinarian, and now as Life's Abundance product formulator, her mission remains the same. Helping to promote the betterment of the companion animal community as a whole.

The Dr. Jane Foundation grants money to non-profit rescues, shelters etc. Therefore, every time you purchase a Life's Abundance pet product, a portion of the profits are contributed to a fund that supports the operations of this organization.

Best Pet Food

Premium Pet Nutrition

There are many high-quality pet foods to choose from. Ingredients alone do not tell the whole story. Where do those ingredients come from? What quality is the meat the protein is sourced from? What type of preservatives are used? Has the brand had recalls in the past? These are all valid questions to ask when choosing a food.

Life's Abundance has for almost 20yrs set the industry standard for how pet food companies should do business. Since opening their doors in 1999 they have never had a recall.

Compassionate People + Innovative Production Process + Outstanding Customer Service Team = A Pet Products Company You Can Trust!


With so many pet products and companies competing for your business, it can be challenging knowing whom to trust. Moreover whom to trust with your beloved pets.

What makes Life's Abundance so unique in the marketplace really boils down to how ingredients are sourced, the manufacturing process, and the innovative delivery system to the consumer.

This streamlined process was the first of its kind and twenty years later is still the blueprint for creating the freshest, safest, most nutritious food on the market.

To really appreciate how special Life's Abundance is you must first understand the basic model for most commercial pet food companies.

It starts with buying very large quantities of ingredients. Many times this involves using commodity brokers. These brokers will source the quantities needed from the cheapest sellers and import them from places like China.

After all the ingredients are sourced they are sent to manufacturing companies, then the finished product sent to regional distribution facilities. From there the food will travel to local warehouses, then eventually on to store shelves. For this reason, it's not uncommon for companies to add harmful chemical preservatives to keep the food fresher for longer time periods.

So it's easy to see why the typical retail model is way behind the curve in terms of delivering the freshest OR the healthiest pet food. Not to mention the much lower quality of ingredients in general. The traditional retail model does offer convenience and a lower price, Right?

Convenience and Lower Price? Not so fast.

Life's Abundance, on the other hand, pioneered a direct to consumer business model which deploys a streamline three-step system. Resulting in premium pet food delivered to the doorstep of its customers that is generally four to six weeks old! That is what I call fresh food!

How is that possible?

Life's Abundance production system is much more efficient. Ingredients are sourced locally. Sent to a third generation family pet food manufacturer in Ohio. From there the finished product is shipped to one of its four climate-controlled warehouses which are strategically placed throughout the United States. Next stop, your doorstep.

The foundation for this extremely effective production and delivery system is built on the direct relationship Life's Abundance has with its customers. They calculate how much inventory is needed and cook the food in small batches. Thereby reducing the need to overproduce while guaranteeing the freshest food possible reaches your door!