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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower pet owner's by offering healthier, and safer alternatives to commercial pet products. We strongly believe in helping pet parents choose the safest products for their pets.

Our Story

Pat grew up on a small family farm in Upstate NY. There at an early age, he developed his love and passion for animals. The youngest of 6, his earliest memories were of wandering the fields with "Bootsie" by his side. Bootsie was the families border collie named for having four white paws. "Bootsie was my shadow, my protector, but above all else, she was my best friend."

Pat also learned at a very young age the devastation of losing a best friend. "I can still remember that horrible day like it was yesterday." Experiences like this, and several more in the subsequent years, solidified Pat's resolve to help companion animals live longer lives.

Thirty years later, it was a rescue kitten named Chi that led Pat to his ah-ha moment. "After trying several foods I was frustrated because time after time she would gulp down the food, but ultimately she would throw it back up." After a check-up revealed no health issues, Pat jumped on Google.

"Once I discovered the shocking truth of the commercial pet food industry everything changed." Pat eventually discovered a company which put a strong focus on delivering high-quality food. "Their mission was to provide the best possible products for their customers, helping them to live longer, healthier and happer lives." He ordered the food online and for the last 8 years has been a loyal customer.

In fact, within 6 months Pat was so impressed with the results Chi was having, he became a part-time independent field rep for the company. Over the next 7+ years, Pat would go on to successfully build an extremely loyal customer base around their full product line.

"The growth of my business, combined with outstanding customer loyalty, can be directly attributed to the dedicated and compassionate team at Life's Abundance."

"I am extremely proud to play a small role in helping pets live healthier, happier, longer lives!"


Meet Pat

Pat has successfully helped pet parents all over the USA choose healthier pet food, understand confusing pet food labels, and learn simple tips to improve the overall happiness of their companion animals!

Pat also works with others in his neighborhood finding solutions for abandoned/feral cats. Even finding permanent homes for some when possible.

Pats Healthy Pets

Patrick Harris


Pat's Healthy Pets